The logo: from SIME to SISM, and today

The Italian Society for Electron Microscopy (SIME) was established since 1956, but it was only in the 1985 first issue of the bulletin that a brand new logo appeared for the first time, and was used to represent the Society in all official events and publications.

Being SIME an electron microscopy society, the idea was to represent the heart of an electron microscope using the four characters of its acronym. The filament of the microscope that emits electron was then represented by a slightly deformed S. The characters M and E were put in a symmetric way in the logo to represent the left and right sections of the coils of an electromagnetic lens that deflect the electrons. Finally, the electron trajectories were represented in centre of the picture by a narrow intersecting line that reminds the character I.

The same unchanged drawing was kept as the official logo also after year 2003, when the Society changed its name from SIME to SISM (Italian Society for Microscopical Science) to welcome scanning probe and all kind of microscopy techniques. That was the logo until today.

Now, with a brand new web site, we thought that our historical drawing was no more effective when reproduced in official print or in electronic documents. Nevertheless, we all also felt that we were tied to our traditional logo and its meaning, and the same we thought for all members of our Society. The logo was still alive, it only needed a little restyling.

Here is the result. We deeply hope you’ll like it!

SISM has reached tremendous data since the foundation day. We are proud and we would like to show some. Our members are totally satisfied with our research projects and we would like you to be one of them as well.


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Elisabetta Falcieri
Elisabetta Falcieri

Dipartimento di ScienzeBiomolecolari (DiSB) - Università di Urbino
Campus Scientifico 'E.Mattei', Via Ca' Le Suore 2, 61029 Urbino (PU)
Email. elisabetta.falcieriuniurb.it
Tel. / Fax +39 0722304284

Balboni Roberto
Balboni Roberto
Vice presidente

CNR-Istituto per la Microelettronica e i Microsistemi Bologna
via P. Gobetti 101, 40128 Bologna
Email. balbonibo.imm.cnr.it
Tel. +39 0516399186
Tel. +39 0516399216

Meschini Stefania
Meschini Stefania
Vice Presidente

Istituto Superiore di Sanità
Viale Regina Elena 299, 00161 Roma
Email. stefania.meschiniiss.it
Tel. 06 4990 2783
Tel. 06 4938 7140

Albonetti Cristiano
Albonetti Cristiano

Istituto per lo Studio dei Materiali Nanostrutturati (ISMN) - CNR
Via Gobetti, 101 40129 Bologna
Email. c.albonettibo.ismn.cnr.it
Tel. 051 6398531/6398523/6398526
Tel. 051 6398540

Ciancio Regina
Ciancio Regina

Area Science Park Basovizza S.S. 14 Km 163.5 34012 TRIESTE
Email. ciancioiom.cnr.it
Tel. 0403756467
Tel. 040226767

 Malatesta Manuela
Malatesta Manuela

Dipartimento di Scienze Neurologiche e del Movimento - Sezione di Anatomia e Istologia
Università degli Studi di Verona
Email. manuela.malatestaunivr.it
Tel. +39.045.8027157/8425115

Tonelli Massimo
Tonelli Massimo

CIGS, Centro Interdipartimentale Grandi Strumenti
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia - Via Campi 213/a Modena
Email. massimo.tonelliunimore.it
Tel. +39 0592055737
Tel. +39 0592055600